Colombia El Fenix Tabi

The Tabi coffee cultivar developed by Colombia’s coffee research institute, CENICAFE, is a cross of three different coffee varietals: the Typica, Bourbon and Hybrido de Timor. Highly resistant to diseases, its cross-cultural Arabica cherries maintain all the desirable flavours prized in the Bourbon and Typica varietals. 

Our Tabi coffees were among the first to be planted at Finca El Fenix, Quindio, Colombia. Liberty Coffee invested in this special farm for its mission to produce rare varietals while helping farmers earn more, and we are proud to present this delicious coffee in both Natural and Washed processes.




Natural Process - Prominent winey notes of molasses, lime and cocoa. A juicy body with a lingering finish. Suited for both filter and espresso use.


Washed Process - Clear tones of stone fruit, citrus and bittersweet chocolate. Medium bodied with a complex finish. Great choice if you prefer a bright and fruity espresso, or for a balanced cup of filter coffee.

Colombia El Fenix Tabi


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