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The finest coffees:
Sourced globally & roasted optimally using fine-tuned senses and technology.

While we have plenty to share regarding specialty coffee, we’ve been reluctant to turn the spotlight on ourselves. However, the people behind the goods matter, so here's our story.

Quality control precision

It all started when ex-Singapore Airlines pilot, Terence Tay fell in love with coffee on his travels in the 2000s.

He hung up his wings and since December 2010, took on the singular mission of sourcing the best varietals and growers globally, and making them available back home through Liberty Coffee's range of delicious coffee blends and outstanding single origins. 

Today, our founder’s passion has come full cycle, through the capable hands of banker/biker/roaster, Diann Lee. Fuelled by the burning enjoyment of seeing our first-in-class coffees playing an excellent supporting role in all manner of f&b establishments, the unwavering consistency of this fitness fanatic and lady boss ensures Liberty Coffee remains a leading supplier of specialty coffee among Singapore and Malaysia coffee roasters.

Our founder, Terence, conducting a cupping session to ensure coffee quality
Coffee bean after roasting

At Our Roastery

The Loring Kestrel 35 takes pride of place alongside two classic Probatinos. Our top-drawer production setup underscores our commitment to coffee excellence at every step. At the end of the day, we hope Liberty Coffee will be everybody’s source of great coffee.

And what is great coffee? We know now this can be anything from a morning home brew ritual, to a powerful cup of java grabbed on-the-go from a kiosk nearby. A self-extracted French Press or a nuanced barista-made pourover. We roast a full-range of coffees to suit these different brewing methodologies.

Our Mission

We aim to make balance, flavour and aroma the common denominators of every Liberty Coffee, be it a delicate African single origin or a rich South American blend. And even as we expand our offerings, we hope our customers will come to rely on us in finding such great coffee every time.

Barista training

Coffee Training

Liberty Coffee has a dedicated training centre where we empower everyone to make great coffee by sharing barista skills, techniques and conducting coffee appreciation classes.

Clients will receive a complimentary training session with purchase of espresso machines. We also make sure you never walk alone. Wholesale accounts will receive visits from team Liberty Coffee on a regular basis to check that all is well on coffee-related matters.

Freshness • Convenience • Affordability

Office Coffee

Liberty Coffee beans

Enjoy and taste the aromatics of freshly roasted coffee beans weekly of the finest arabica varietals.

Quality • Consistency • Support

Wholesale Coffee

Wholesale Coffee

Roasted Arabica Coffee

Our fresh, seasonal coffees are roasted on the state-of-the-art Loring Kestrel S35 and Probatone, ensuring you the highest consistency achievable.


Commercial • Office • Home


We believe in equipment which does the job, time and again. Liberty Coffee is an agent and distributor for commercial, office and home equipment. We choose to represent only the best brands.

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