The Chemex is a drip coffee filter method. The tight paper grain of its custom filters produces a clean, light-bodied cup of coffee free of sediment.

Brew it the Liberty Style!

Brew Notes:

We recommend a brew ratio for Chemex of 1:16, to underscore the tea-like outcome.


The total brew time may vary for different coffees depending on personal preferences.


Do not be tempted to remove the filter when pouring the water out of the Chemex as it may be hard to reinsert the wet filter.

Equipment needed:


Pouring Kettle

Paper Filter




Recommended Coffee:

Colombia Villa Maria Washed

Step 1

Bring filtered water to boil.

Step 2

Weigh out coffee and grind it to a coarse grind.

Step 3

Fold the filter and place it in the Chemex with the three-layered side against the spout. Using freshly boiled water, wet the paper filter evenly. This helps to remove any ‘paper taste’, and warms the brewing apparatus. Discard the rinsing water.

Step 4

Pour the coffee grounds into the filter and level them with a gentle shake to make the coffee bed even. This will allow for a more even pour.

Step 5

Start the timer. Pour just enough water, slightly off the boil, to wet the coffee grounds evenly. Let this slurry bloom for 45 sec.

Step 6

Continue pouring slowly while ensuring that the water level does not overflow. Repeat the pouring as necessary until you reach the indicated amount of water at the 2 min mark (including the bloom).

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