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Brew Guides

Brewing coffee at home can be simple and straightforward. There’s much pleasure in savouring a cup of coffee brewed by oneself. Why not have a go today?

1. Generally, it is recommended to use filtered water heated to a temperature of mid-90s (Degree Celsius). With common household sense, we recommend using water slightly off the boil for convenience.

2. Make sure to compensate for coffee grounds retained by the grinder.

3. The amount of water used for the bloom (or pre-infusion step) is approximately double the amount of coffee grounds used with a few exceptions.

4. The 5 brew guides show how we brew coffee in the Liberty Coffee Style, do feel free to alter the ratios to suit personal taste. For example if you’d like a stronger brew, you may simply increase the amount of coffee used. The coffee to water ratio we typically use is 1:14, but it may vary for certain brewing methods.

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