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The Aeropress is a portable brewing apparatus, which makes it a great companion for camps and travels. With its easy set-up and minimal clean-up, the Aeropress is a favourite amongst many. It delightfully produces a great cup of medium-bodied coffee with clean flavours.

3 cups


Pour just enough water to wet the grounds evenly for 45secs

Medium Coarse Grind

at 90 secs.

Agitate coffee brew with few quick stirs

Pour remaining water until it reaches targeted amount

Brew it the Liberty Style!

Brew Notes:

The total brew time and ratio of coffee to water may vary for different coffees depending on personal preferences.

Alternatively, the Aeropress may be used without inverting the chamber at the start, as per manufacturer instructions.

Equipment needed:


Pouring Kettle

Paper Filter




Recommended Coffee:

Speakeasy Blend

Step 1

Bring filtered water to boil.

Step 2

Weigh out 17 g of coffee and grind it to a medium grind.

Step 3

Place the filter paper in the filter basket. Using freshly boiled water, rinse the paper filter to remove any 'paper taste'.

Step 4

Invert the Aeropress and pour the coffee grounds into the brew chamber.

Step 5

Start the timer. Pour just enough water, slightly off the boil, to wet the coffee grounds evenly. Let this slurry bloom for 45 sec.

Step 6

Continue pouring water until it reaches 240 g. At the 1 min 30 sec mark, agitate the coffee brew with a few quick stirs.

Step 7

Attach the filter basket and place the Aeropress the right way up on a cup. Press the plunger slowly and evenly, and stop when you hear a hissing sound.

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